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Tribal Warfare 02:29 PM 01-08-2020

Fox Is Open to a #Firefly Revival - and So Is the Show's Executive Producer

— Comic Book Resources (@CBR) January 8, 2020

mnchiefsguy 02:31 PM 01-08-2020
While this would be awesome, isn't Nathan Fillion committed to that cop show on ABC? The Rookie? Or did it get cancelled? I don't watch it but the wife does.
DeepPurple 03:17 PM 01-08-2020
I watched the Rookie, season 1 was 20 episodes, however season 2 was only 10 episodes. ABC waited until almost the last week to decide if to cancel and with only ordering 10 episodes, it sounds like they're not too committed to a season 3 unless the ratings picked up.

Personally I really like the show in season 1, but by season 2 I seemed to care less. A lot of new people was brought onboard. Nathan had a love interest, then they brought back an old flame from college, and suddenly he had two. The show started off season 1 where he was fooling around with another rookie cop. They cooled the affair because the superiors said that wasn't a good idea. I would like to see him move onto something else. On Castle he was a big shot author and wealthy, on the Rookie he's a lowly newbe cop in a westcoast city.

banecat 04:31 PM 01-08-2020
Finally. And only fifteen to eighteen years late. Depending on if you go by when the last episode was aired, or when the movie was released. Especially fpor a show that should never, ever, have been cancelled
notorious 05:51 PM 01-08-2020
Some of them died in the movie.
Fish 06:03 PM 01-08-2020
Probably too fucking late now. Bastards....
Jamie 06:31 PM 01-08-2020
Isn't Firefly owned by Disney now? Plus Joss Whedon has a show starting on HBO next year, which might complicate things contractually depending on what kind of deal it is.