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Media Center>Avengers (4) Endgame - Spoilers Welcome Thread
DaFace 08:09 PM 04-23-2019
Since Endgame is probably one of the most anticipated films we've had here in a while, let's quarantine all discussion from those who have seen the film (or who have otherwise read spoilers). If you don't want to see stuff get spoiled, stay out!

(And this will likely be the last time I view this thread until Friday, so if you need me to put something in the OP or similar, shoot me a PM. I won't read posts in here.)
Hammock Parties 10:15 PM 04-25-2019
There is, and will only ever be, one Iron Man.

"I am Iron Man."

What a perfect ending to a great character.

I'd like to see a couple of Guardians movies with Thor as part of the team, though.
arrowheadnation 10:27 PM 04-25-2019
Originally Posted by keg in kc:
Gonna be interesting to see what the next iteration of the Avengers will be, how they get there and who the villains are. I think everyone with a signature in the credits is done with the series.

Tony, Widow and Steve obviously...

Hawkeye retired, Thor finding himself

Maybe Professor Hulk stays around, or takes up a mentor role

No Vision, so not sure how the Vision/Scarlet witch tv show will work

Guess the falcon/winter soldier series is now Captain America/winter soldier

Black Widow will be in the past

Hawkeye could be past or training the daughter in the future
I bet Thor will be the only one of the OG 6 who hangs around. At least for another couple appearances. You have to remember....this 10 years was literally the Marvel C team (until spidey) and the journey was freaking epic. They now have access to Deadpool, the Fantastic 4, and Xmen. The future is bright.
Hammock Parties 10:34 PM 04-25-2019
A Deadpool/Thor/Guardians movie would be off the charts hilarious.
keg in kc 10:55 PM 04-25-2019
It may be as late as 2024 before we see x-men or fantastic 4.

Gamora is going to be fun now, her and Quill. Def like Thor with that group.

Although that part of their time travel rule set was a little iffy.

The stones had to be returned. So what about Gamora. Or Mjolnir. They're gone now, from 2015 to 2024.

And if Thanos and everyone with him were wiped from the timeline, then his original snap never happened, since the version of him they defeated predated Infinity War. So there was no reason to go back in time to collect the stones. But then the don't defeat him before the snap.

Quite the bizarre loop if you try to follow it.
Hammock Parties 11:07 PM 04-25-2019
That was another thing that was funny...all the time travel jokes.

The two back to the future lines were awesome.
Hammock Parties 11:10 PM 04-25-2019
Oh, and Cap wielding the hammer?

My nerd boner has never been stronger.

I wish I had seen it with a larger crowd because I bet the cheers were amazing.

My crowd was rather subdued.

Stan Lee's cameo was gold, too.
Hammock Parties 11:18 PM 04-25-2019
The fact that this made it into a superhero movie is so grand.

Hammock Parties 11:58 PM 04-25-2019
oh shit

CoMoChief 02:16 AM 04-26-2019
I was somewhat disappointed on a few things.

- HATED Hulk's story arc, Professor Hulk etc. Just absolutely hated everything about it. I kinda had a feeling it would be this way...but I wanted Hulk destroying shit, fighting, rematch w/ Thanos etc. Didn't expect Russo's to make him into some clownish bumbling idiot though. He practically stood around, cracked jokes acted goofy and pulled levers and switches. Wow...way to completely ruin Hulk, Russo bros. And I dont give a shit what Prof Hulk's personality was like in the comics...nobody wanted to really see this shit.

Movie needed more fighting and action, less sobby dialogue and hanging heads feeling sorry...that was a good 1/3rd of the movie. The last fight scene was pretty damn cool, wouldve been better had more of the movie been that way.

Movie should've had more fighting w/ past selves. Capt vs Capt was petty cool...needed to see more of that.

Overall I give a 7/10, would've been lower if not for the end fight scene. Really disappointed about Hulk.
Tribal Warfare 02:57 AM 04-26-2019
Originally Posted by Hammock Parties:
There is, and will only ever be, one Iron Man.

"I am Iron Man."

What a perfect ending to a great character.

I'd like to see a couple of Guardians movies with Thor as part of the team, though.

Danguardace 07:55 AM 04-26-2019

I really enjoyed Nebula's character arc, find her very interesting and oddly attractive for a Bold blue Cyborg

Hawkeye and Black Widow really add that humanist element to the film again great characters who you can relate to.

The Middle section "Time Heist" is expertly done. Enhancing the story and taking a trip down memory lane. at the same time.


The color pallet for the final battle was brown and ugly, actually looked like something DC would do.

I found the "here come the girls" bit cringey especially compared with the somewhat subtle way they did it in Infinity War.

Fat Thor/Professor Hulk I think where unnecessary and not that FUNNY(apart from the Lebowski Nods)
Jerm 08:19 AM 04-26-2019
What a fucking amazing movie....the perfect culmination of this phase of the MCU.

Man I knew it would be an emotional watch, didn't know how emotional it would be...esp. parts I didn't expect to get me.
Rudy tossed tigger's salad 08:44 AM 04-26-2019
Nerd shit

Fuck this country
Valiant 09:10 AM 04-26-2019
Originally Posted by arrowheadnation:
I had tears of joy. I had tears of sadness. A fitting end to an epic 10 year saga. And everything is set up for the future. There is a new Cap. There is a new Iron Man. Did you see him at the funeral? It was the kid from Iron Man 3, a little more grown up. (at least I'm pretty sure it was)
Who was the brunette lady by herself near then end?
arrowheadnation 09:11 AM 04-26-2019
Are you talking about Maria Hill? (Cobie Smulders)
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