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Direckshun 10:57 PM 10-01-2020

Something sneaky happened recently: the Chiefs released WR Kalija Lipscomb, and signed WR Chad Williams.

3 years of experience, out of Grambling State.

6'2", 204 lbs

His career.
kccrow 04:45 PM 10-02-2020
Yeah, was looking at it today.

1, Lipscomb was thought to be the cream of the UDFA crop and most felt he was draftable. He was extremely productive given the team he was on in the SEC. He can't hold a PS spot over Maurice Ffrench? Damn.

2, Williams has been nothing more than a shit show ever since the Senior Bowl a few years back, even though he was productive in college and has some burners.

I'm not questionining the move that much, but it certainly seems odd.

Edit: What's crazier yet about it is that the Chiefs didn't HAVE to release Lipscomb. They have two open spots on the PS.
DJ's left nut 02:00 PM 10-08-2020
Consecutive years that the team has snagged some big shit UDFA w/ a high-dollar offer only to cut 'em almost immediately.

I don't recall the guy they did it with last year but my memory was he had a shot at sticking with someone this year.

EDIT: Cody Thompson. Jamal Custis was another one - he got the peak signing bonus but never got as much traction in camp as Thompson did.

Near as I can tell Thompson is on the Seahawks practice squad and Custis is bagging groceries somewhere.
Direckshun 08:50 PM 10-20-2020

Emmanuel Smith (LB) signed to Practice Squad
Direckshun 09:27 AM 10-25-2020
Danny Isidora (G) and Marcus Kemp (WR) activated from Practice Squad; Khalen Saunders (DT) activated from Injured Reserve; Alex Okafor (DE) placed on Injured Reserve

So the starting lineup:

LT Fisher
LG Allegretti
C Kilgore
RG Wylie
RT Remmers



Inactive: Schwartz
PUP: Rankin
Practice Squad: Williams
Direckshun 04:45 PM Yesterday
Chiefs have terminated the contract of QB Jordan Ta’amu.
Direckshun 04:47 PM Yesterday
October 26, 2020Returned OG Danny Isidora and WR Marcus Kemp to the Practice Squad.