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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>"All 22" Thoughts
Direckshun 07:46 AM 09-17-2020
I'm going to just shove my collection of thoughts from All 22 footage throughout the season in this thread.

Feel free to add your own, to agree/disagree/shit on my thoughts, to ignore this thread.

This thread is a sandbox.
Direckshun 08:00 AM 09-17-2020
First half of the Texans game:

CasselGotPeedOn 08:50 AM 09-17-2020
Good stuff.
Bowser 05:18 PM 09-17-2020
On the DJ run, Sneed just bounces off of DJ's hip as he tries a half hearted hit-him-and-try-to-knock-him-OOB attempt. He could have saved the touchdown if he would have just wrapped up the tackle, but that's a good teaching moment for Spags. Sneed will learn from that.
Direckshun 11:45 PM 09-29-2020
Ravens game, first Ravens drive.

Deberg_1990 08:46 AM 09-30-2020
Love these. Keep em coming Direck
Direckshun 09:41 PM 10-25-2020
First quarter:
Megatron96 09:30 PM 10-26-2020
Thx for posting. Needed my A-22 fix.
Direckshun 11:39 PM 10-26-2020
Second quarter:
St. Patty's Fire 10:37 PM 10-27-2020
Watched a couple of key offensive plays, didn't delve super deep. Wanted to mainly see what happened with the line on those plays that led to free rushers. Denver called some pretty creative blitzes/fake blitzes that completely messed with our line.

On the first one, Denver looked like they were rushing 6, but 45 (who looked pretty good on tape for the Broncos, particularly on run plays) dropped out, and it led to the 2v1 on Fisher. Watching the game I thought Fisher made the proper choice picking the inside guy, but he was blitzing from an ILB spot, meaning the edge rusher actually was the guy closest to getting Mahomes. I think if Fisher blocks up the edge rusher Mahomes is able to dump it off to Bell for a 1st down, because not only did he sack Pat, but he prevented the dump off to Bell. You can see Mahomes wants to make the dump off but the edge player jumps up to prevent it, and Mahomes just takes the sack instead of risking an INT/tip drill.

Second one, Wylie just gets yeeted. Immediately loses off the snap. No shot for Mahomes.

On the third sack, Broncos lined up with 5 guys at the LOS, but dropped Chubb, and Keizer ended up 1 on 1 with an edge rusher, which is obviously an awful matchup. Again, a very well schemed play on Denver's part.

One other play I thought was worth mentioning; the CEH dropped touchdown was an INCREDIBLE play by Mahomes. As the play developed there was NOTHING open. He pulled that throw out of ass, and CEH needs to fucking catch that ball. Overall, one of Mahomes weaker games, though. I think a lot of that has to do with the flow of the game; the offense did not have much rhythm, in part because there was a span where the Broncos had the ball for like 3 straight drives. Before the pick 6, after the pick six, and then after the Pringle KR TD.

Wylie's tape is mostly ugly. I'd love to get an upgrade on him. Kilgore is pretty impressive, Allgretti did fairly well for a noob but got roasted on a stunt on one play, he's still getting his feet wet so not the end of the world. Bell's vision was apparent, he sees holes with the best of them, still. Hill had a couple disappointing drops.

IMO, the o line was the biggest reason the offense had struggles, from a player perspective. On top of clever scheme by Denver.
[Reply] 08:19 AM 10-28-2020
The ol is taught to block inside out. The outside guy has a longer path to the qb, so fisher did the right thing there

That one is on Mahomes to get rid of it quicker but bell wasn’t turned it appeared. Just eat it and move on to the next play
Toad 02:51 PM 10-28-2020
D, thanks for posting! Great reads.

It seemed to me that our DEs (even Clark) get stuck inside too often Sunday.
Go Royals 04:34 PM 11-09-2020
You have any thoughts on why they switched back to Reiter at C?