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The Marty Lounge>Any Bourbon drinkers out there?
The Poz 01:04 PM 06-19-2008
I've heard some good things about Buffalo Trace Bourbon.

Can't get it up here north of the border but, through a wine distributer I am able to order a case. Would like to hear from someone who knows their stuff and has tried it before I order.

chief husker 04:35 PM 06-19-2008
Templeton Rye. Al Capone's favorite drink. You can find it in Hy Vee stores here in Iowa. Locals around Des Moines still have connections to folks with the original recipe.
VAChief 04:39 PM 06-19-2008
I love Booker' is very distinctive, but pretty expensive...usually around $50 a bottle. I typically buy Knob Creek for sipping, but if cash poor will buy Wild Turkey.
teedubya 04:53 PM 06-19-2008
The Poz got a whole lot less cool without that avatar of the chick with the ginormous tatas.
The Poz 05:57 PM 06-19-2008
Originally Posted by Ari Chi3fs:
The Poz got a whole lot less cool without that avatar of the chick with the ginormous tatas.
How's that?
RJ 06:56 PM 06-19-2008
Originally Posted by CrazyCoffey:
Wild Turkey, Knob creek, woodford - all good Bourbons

Crown is a good BLEND

Makers is a good WHISKEY

Damn, people get your shit together....

Maker's Mark = Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky.
DJ_is_the_realdeal 07:29 PM 06-19-2008
Knobcreek is my new favorite drink. Use to drink crown royal but my friend got me on Knobcreek. Real smooth.
BigOlChiefsfan 07:33 PM 06-19-2008
You done good - Buffalo Trace is a really nice bourbon at it's price point. I buy it locally for $16/750 and it's a steal at that price. 90 proof, if memory serves, which is a nice proof for sippin'. I like 100 proof or 101, or even the 'barrel proof' whusk now and then, but for day in, day out drinking 90 is fine by me. A lot of vanilla, leather, spice. Good neat or on the rocks, nice in a Manhattan or Old Fashioned.

Bourbon doesn't have to be made in Kentucky, but it must be made with at least 51% corn, and it must spend 2 years in new charred oak barrels. There's some bourbon made in Virginia and Indiana, and we made McCormicks in Weston for decades. The Tennessee whiskey like Dickel and Daniels is basically bourbon made within Tennessee and filtered thru charcoal, and you're welcome to my share.
When you read the term 'straight' whiskey, it hasn't been blended with grain alcohol or other spirits (American blended whiskey like Kesslers) altho they may have mixed some 'straight' whiskey from a barrel made in 1998 with a similar barrel made 2 years ago, that mixture (or 'vatting') is still considered a straight whiskey (but not a blend. The word blend implies some bad things in US whiskey).
Sour mash - they just use some of the last batch of 'beer' to start the fermentation of this batch when they run it. Think sourdough, same idea, the yeast doesn't have to start from scratch. Bourbon is one of America's many gifts to the world. Y'all enjoy!
The Poz 06:19 AM 06-20-2008
That's some smart and helpful info guys, thanks. Looking forward trying it out.
modocsot 06:41 AM 06-20-2008
WL Weller
HonestChieffan 06:43 AM 06-20-2008
Rare Breed is my pick of the litter.
Third Eye 06:48 AM 06-20-2008
Originally Posted by HonestChieffan:
Rare Breed is my pick of the litter.
Really? Got a bottle for Christmas last year and I hated it. Strong as hell though. Just too damn harsh IMO.
MOhillbilly 07:06 AM 06-20-2008
i dont see how BOCF doesnt have his rep maxed.
beach tribe 08:22 AM 06-20-2008
Originally Posted by DeepSouth:
Jack Black
Good stuff. NOT bourbon. Tennessee Sour Mash whiskey.
StcChief 08:42 AM 06-20-2008
Woodward Reserve
Knob Creek
Maker's Mark
Evan Williams Single Barrel
Buffalo Trace
Jim Beam

all KY bourbon

Jack Daniels - TN whiskey

Crown Royal
Canadian Mist
Canadian Club

all Canadians' are Blends

Irish whiskey
Single Malt
BigOlChiefsfan 10:50 AM 06-20-2008
I mentioned 'vatting' above, where you mix various straight whiskeys to 'vat' a new drink. I do this at home by mixing some 'dry' tasting bourbon with some 'sweet and spicy' bourbon, add some rye whiskey and drink it up.
If you're interested in trying this, just mix a shot of Wild Turkey with a shot of Old Charter, or what have you, add another shot or two, tasting all the time until you find something you like better than the original whusk. My current go-to recipe is 1 part wild turkey 101, 1 part old charter 8 year, 1 part wellers 7 year, 1 evan williams (black label), 1 Ezra Brooks and 1/2 part Old Overholt rye. I usually mix this with 1.75 'handles' of bourbon and a fifth of rye. I re-bottle and relabel the result and drink it year round + give some away to a few pals. It proves you don't have to pet to be popular, just show up with a bottle of tasty whusk and you're welcome almost anywhere.
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