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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>If Our Offense is #1 Without Hill...
Direckshun 09:06 PM 09-15-2019
Do you entertain the notion that we could trade him?

If our offense is the best in the league, and it may not be considering whatís going on in New England, but isnít this a conversation worth having?

Imagine what he could net you in a trade.

A 1st plus additional picks.

Patrick Peterson.

etc etc

I know Hill is popular, but if weíre already unstoppable, maybe he could make us better by netting us resources we need in other spots.
Chargem 11:49 AM 10-04-2019
Originally Posted by rtmike:
So who would next years starters be besides Hardman and Hill? No one else under contract if they cut Watkins iirc?
Not having a possession WR would be ok with Kelce. I donít think he runs many te routes anyways, lol.

Andy said Drob is a Superstar in the making too.
Drob is almost certainly not worth the money he will get.

If you let Watkins go, or trade him, you're looking for contributions from Thompson, Kemp, Dieter, Pringle. I agree that's not an ideal scenario.
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