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Buehler445 08:54 AM 04-26-2012
All this talk about series, how network TV Sucks, and how hard it is to find quality shows, and some excellent shows that fly under the radar, I need a comprehensive review of all the series I need to see.

For good entertainment, I would be willing to buy DVD sets. But I've recently picked up HBOGO by kiping it from my parents, and recently got Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Here is a listing of shows that I currently own or have seen all the episodes of. If it isn't on the list, just assume I haven't seen it.


Here is a listing of shows that I'm currently watching

Here is a listing of shows on my list to watch (mostly due to this thread)

I work a fuckton, so it is hard for me catch a series while it is on to get it on the DVR, but I recognize the entertainment value and am willing to go after the Must See shows. Accordingly, I'm not necessarily looking for anything that is still running. I'm up for watching stuff that has run its course.

So what say you, Planet? Which shows should I see?

UPDATED for the shows I've seen recently.
vailpass 12:07 PM 02-18-2019
Originally Posted by DJ's left nut:
She's probably the most miserable **** of a mopey liberal activist alive right now.

Every time someone sticks a microphone in front of her face she gives the same pained expression and goes on a 15 minute rant about evil Republicans in the same droning voice.

As for your original question re: Russian, if you have 3ish hours to kill you could do worse I guess. Personally I probably wouldn't bother if I knew what I known now, but the last 3 episodes were actually pretty good and I do like the way they chose to end it.

I really wanted to watch Umbrella as well but she's turned the corner on me into one of the very few actors/actresses who's politics have ruined them for me. It's pretty much just her and Sean Penn. Shailene Woodley would qualify but/for the fact that her performances just being shit as a whole managed to ruin the experience already before her politics did.
I admire you having the courage of your convictions. Perhaps you could get a good hate-watch in?

For me, due to her being butt-ugly I have zero desire to sex her. Thus she holds no power over me and cannot influence my viewing decisions.
vailpass 12:08 PM 02-18-2019
Originally Posted by Valiant:
Yeah umbrella was top notch.

Helps eleviate the pain from dropping marvel shows. The kid that plays 5 did a great job.

I also dislike Ellen page as she is whiny, so she helped her character a LOT.
Absolutely yes.
Buehler445 02:13 PM 02-18-2019
Originally Posted by DJ's left nut:
Here's just her most recent bit of idiocy

She practices the pained face. You know she does - she sits in front of a mirror and rehearses how to put on her somber and 'real' mask. And like I said - it's pretty much constant. Here is her with her sadface on and a beanie talking about displaced indigenous people in Novia Scotia....or something, I dunno - I truthfully don't care. It's just more moping.

Sorry - just can't handle her anymore.
I thought you might be talking about her SJW approach. I just consume very little media anymore. Much for reasons like this. I just donít get enough out of any of these cunts speaking to watch. Iíll stick to sports and the stuff that is produced.

I understand the position though.

Does objectifying her cans help?

Image: Not Safe for Work

Great Expectations 10:46 PM 02-18-2019
Originally Posted by NewChief:
Have you done Travelers?
Iíll try that after this season of True Detective. I watched the first three episodes today. Growing up in SWMO it has my full attention.
Baby Lee 06:57 PM 02-22-2019
Originally Posted by keg in kc:
Just caught the first season of Barry on HBO (which I haven't had since season 7 of GoT ended...). Bill Hader is a depressed hit man from Cleveland who goes to LA for a job and ends up in an acting class run by a crazed Henry Winkler. Great stuff.
Aw Hell YEAH!!!

Tribal Warfare 09:51 PM 02-22-2019
Originally Posted by Baby Lee:
Aw Hell YEAH!!!

Since Heder is from Tulsa, it was hilarious that he wrote that the his love interest is from Joplin.
Hammock Parties 02:12 PM 02-23-2019
Watched the first season of sex education this week.

It's funny as shit.

Reminded me a lot of my own childhood as I didn't have my first wank until freshman year of HS.

It has a lot of sex and some nice tits but it's also funny and well written.

The lead character is a 16-year old boy who can't wank for various reasons. His best friend is gay.

Gillian Anderson is great as can't wank's sex therapist mom. Hot.

Emma Mackey is a nice discount Margot Robbie, with better tits, who can actually act.

This guy is the headmaster's son and has a giant dick and also is one.

The virgin and the slut end up hanging out a lot. I'm not going to spoil the rest.

You should watch it.
In58men 02:10 AM 02-24-2019
Haven’t read through this thread lately, but we just started watching YOU and it’s lretty damn good. Has a Dexter feel to it.
MahiMike 12:59 PM 02-24-2019
Anyone seen Corporate? It's my new favorite comedy.
Baby Lee 01:07 PM 02-24-2019
Originally Posted by MahiMike:
Anyone seen Corporate? It's my new favorite comedy.
Anne Dudek can still get it.

I don't usually go for the tall ones, but there's something about her.

But yeah, the show itself is solidly written. Nice mix of the continuing [almost endless] parade of small indignities inherent in office jobs, and surreal set pieces.
Buehler445 04:16 PM 02-24-2019
Originally Posted by Baby Lee:
Anne Dudek can still get it.

I don't usually go for the tall ones, but there's something about her.

But yeah, the show itself is solidly written. Nice mix of the continuing [almost endless] parade of small indignities inherent in office jobs, and surreal set pieces.
Image: Not Safe for Work

I'd say she can still get it.
Baby Lee 10:12 AM 03-06-2019
Quite hyped. Could be shite, but it looks like even tho, will be fun shite.

No way to turn down Tennant and Sheen, . . . and getta load of all the background characters.

The Armageddon thing has nearly been done to death by now, but this looks to have a sense of humor.

Baby Lee 11:10 PM 03-09-2019
Just getting started on [the incredibly short] Bumping Mics with Ross and Atell.

Only three episodes so far, mostly through the first one.

Genuinely surprised how much I had to actually pause to get the laughter out.

Nothing groundbreaking or explosive, just seasoned standups with great lines and better delivery.

They kind of lull you with basic boilerplate standup patter, then unleash a perfect line. Zig when you thought zag, and it just FORCES a laugh out of you.

Fairly impressive, to a guy who enjoys standup but rarely laughs. More of a 'hmm, that's funny' kind of standup watcher than a belly laugher.
Baby Lee 08:33 AM 03-20-2019
Bodyguard update for Red Nose Day

Megatron96 01:07 PM 03-20-2019
Must Watch:

Rescue Me
Seal Team
The Expanse
Burn Notice
Blue Bloods
Lie to Me
Better Call Saul
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Good Watch:

Dark Matter
Tin Star
Firefly (would be in "Must Watch" but there's only 13 episodes)
Jack Ryan
The Rookie
Lost in Space (new series)
The Punisher
Fawlty Towers
Last Man Standing (haven't seen the newest season)
Magnum, P.I. (new series)
Mystery Science Theater 3000


Deadliest Catch
Medal Of Honor
Seasons on the Fly
Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown
Meat Eater
Blue Planet I&II

There's a few more, but these I know you can find and watch.

The two shows I'm currently must-watching are Seal Team and The Expanse. Seal Team is a solid action-adventure show in its second season with solid writing and good characters. The Expanse is a really good show, though the first episode is a little off-beat; I usually give a show at least 6 episodes before I keep or drop it. The Expanse got riveting to me by the third episode.
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