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Chief Northman 12:30 AM 02-03-2019
I am not taking out my calculator for this.

Chiefs extend:
Jones DL
Hill WR

Butker K
Lucas FS
Dieter WR
Kemp WR
Hamilton DL
Ford DL (franchise tag)

Sherman FB
Demetrius Harris TE

*All other UFA’s allowed to walk

*Eric Berry S (post June 1 designation depending on injury designation)
Daniel Sorenson S
Reggie Ragland LB
Justin Houston OLB

Free agent signings:

Landon Collins S - the Crown Jewel for Spagnuolo’s 4-3 attacking scheme. Collins will bring know-how, passion and physicality to a secondary that needs it.

Brett Jones C - Underrated Center that could come reasonable and compete for the starting gig. Insanely smart (will finish med school after his football career), can slide in at Guard and is scheme versatile. Good Canadian boy who I coached against back when he was a high school Senior. What an ass kicker he was....

Rodney Gunter DL - Ascending player who can boost the interior rotation. Quick twitch player who hopefully can bring more value cost-wise than what it likely would have cost to bring Allen Bailey back.

Shaq Barrett LB - Shaq has some versatility to his game and is fluid enough to attack the backfield and not be a liability in coverage.

Darqueze Dennard CB - A vet corner in his prime, while Dennard is not elite, he is solid and one of the better FA corner options in a weak class. He is scheme versatile and can be a solid #2 option on the outside if called upon.

Darren Sproles RB - With DAT coming off an injury and a potential suspension his time is likely over in KC. Sproles brings a change of pace and veteran leadership to an already dynamic offense. He is well versed in the WCO, and would be lethal in Reid’s screen game. Sproles is solid in pass pro for a small man and he catches the ball naturally. Swan song for Darren close to his college home.

1) Deandre Baker CB - Georgia
- Athletic, tough, scrappy and savvy. Baker can play any style and he competes every snap. He starts day one and brings some swagger to the Chiefs secondary.

2) Devin Bush LB - Michigan
- Projections on Bush range from early 2nd round to mid to late 3rd round. Bush’s measurables might cause him to drop, but there is no doubting his instincts and effort on tape. Although he is capable of playing in the midfle of a 4-3, he might be better suited at either Will or Sam to better take advantage of his pursuit and speed

2) Isaiah Buggs DL - Alabama
- A strong, mean linemen with the versatility to play 1 tech through 5 tech. While Buggs was at times overshadowed by Quinnen Williams, he played great football for the Tide and really anchored the unit. He is not flashy, but just a disciplined, physical football player.

3) Amani Hooker S - Iowa
- Guys like Abram and Savage Jr. are in the conversation at this juncture of the draft, but with Savage Jr’s outstanding Sr. Bowl I believe he will go in the 2nd while coverage questions linger for Abram after a lacklustre Bowl game. Hooker is just solid. He makes a ton of plays in run defend and is really savvy and tough in the short to intermediate zones. I feel his skill set could be complemented by the presence of a Landon Collins and Hooker shows all the signs of being an assignment-sound, dependable defender.

5) Dexter Williams RB - Notre Dame
- Williams improved each year at ND and boosted his draft stock with a solid 2018 campaign. Williams is best as a one cut zone runner with great vision and dangerous acceleration in the open field as his best qualities.

6) Porter Gustin OLB/DE - USC
- Maximum effort, hustle player who has upside as a pass rusher. Gustin might not be the most versatile player, but knows what he is good at and maximizes his opportunities to pressure/contain the backfield.

6) Martez Ivey OT/G - Florida
- Big athlete with heavy feet who was moved to Guard during his time at Florida. Ivey is a force in run blocking and he plays with some nasty, but he has struggled versus speed in pass pro. Projects as a Guard.

7) Blace Brown CB - Troy
- Competitive athlete with impressive skills. Level of competition and his weight are concerns, but he rises to the occassion.
pugsnotdrugs19 12:40 AM 02-03-2019
Where’s all the money coming from?

They’d be up against the cap before a single free agent signing occurred that is listed. Have to move on from Houston or Ford to get all of those guys.

Bush won’t make it out of the first round I doubt, not unless he runs slow at the combine.
Chief Northman 12:46 AM 02-03-2019

I forgot Houston under my cut list.

RunKC 11:35 AM 02-03-2019
My ceiling would be coated with semen if we could pull that draft off.
ntexascardfan 02:10 PM 02-03-2019
The draft network conveniently released an updated scouting report on Hooker today.

I think he'd be a good fit if we were able to bring in a Landon Collins type.
Chief Northman 02:53 PM 02-03-2019
Originally Posted by ntexascardfan:
The draft network conveniently released an updated scouting report on Hooker today.

I think he'd be a good fit if we were able to bring in a Landon Collins type.
Thanks for posting that.

Confirms a lot of what I’ve observed out of Hooker. Definitely a SS in Spagnuolo’s scheme.
kccrow 07:51 PM 02-03-2019
I have a hard time seeing Hooker making it out of the 2nd round. He's too versatile and is really quite good. I certainly don't see him making it to the bottom of the 3rd.

Same can really be said for Bush. He's a borderline 1st rounder and the only thing that may hinder him is his height. Hard time seeing him at the end of 2 with a league-wide need for better linebackers after a lengthy void of much at the position.

No way Blace Brown is there in the 7th. Not even close. He'd have to run a in the 4.6's. His floor is probably the 4th round with a 2nd day selection more likely than not.