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pugsnotdrugs19 08:56 AM 01-25-2019
Sorry, can’t embed right now—if someone else can I’ll paste it into the OP. But I’ve been hearing some chatter about this guy at the Senior Bowl and saw that the Chiefs has talked to him. He’s a first round prospect and looks like a fucking stud. (Junior season) (Senior season)

That guy has some length and is explosive... shows some really good ball skills.


EDIT: It appears he was injured at the Senior Bowl yesterday. Don’t know how serious...
Wilson8 06:28 PM 01-30-2019
If you watch highlights of 2018 Penn State games, he looks pretty good. Seems to cover and tackle pretty well.

The concern on him is he is a one year starter and even in 2018, it was not uncommon for him to be on the sidelines rather than out on the field with the defense. Maybe that is just part of Penn States defensive rotation but I was pretty shocked when I watched complete games.

It looks like he is going to be a late 1st round or early 2nd round pick so for KC's 1st round pick, I would prefer more of a sure thing.
htismaqe 08:34 PM 01-30-2019
He apparently didn't have a good show this past week and some are thinking he might be more of a mid-to-late 2nd rounder.
kccrow 09:25 PM 01-30-2019
The talent is there, the concern is lack of starting experience. Josh Jackson was a better collegiate player with similar starting experience and he dropped to the mid-2nd last season.