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FAX 06:48 PM 03-13-2019
Apologies for posting a whole new thread and all. I'm sure the magnificently talented mods can delete it if they see fit.

I just have a question ...

Which teams represent the most viable trade partners, should we wish to move up in the 1st round?

This draft seems pretty defense-heavy (correct me if I'm wrong - I'm no draftabulator). If that's true and keeping it in mind, I'm thinking that maybe teams that are stocked on defense and aren't looking for a first-round QB ... that sort of thing.

The horse is preceding the cart here, obviously. But I'd be interested in your thoughts on the matter.

Disclaimer: Sorry if repost.

FAX 07:38 PM 03-13-2019
Chime in anytime.

No rush.

FAX 07:49 PM 03-13-2019
Okay. I'll start.

What about the Cards? They have no paucity of defensive talent. How about them?

kccrow 01:53 AM 03-14-2019
I think Ravens, Seahawks, and Bears become immediate ones that could trade down given they don't have 2nd round picks. The Ravens lost some talent on defense but are still relatively stocked. I see them as the best bet. The Vikings are a traditional partner. All those teams are kind of in KC's wheelhouse in terms of not having to give up more than a 2nd rounder to get up. Minnesota may want a later round kicker. The Cards have the 1st overall pick, we aren't going there.
Chargem 04:22 PM 03-15-2019
I'd need to see a picture of your wife first if you wanted to consider trading partners...