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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>Arizona Brass Don't Attend Murray's Pro-Day
kccrow 02:10 AM 03-14-2019
Give me your thoughts on this. Kyler Murray's Pro-Day. No Keim. No Kingsbury. No Bidwell.

They do have a private workout set up with him though.

Do you think it means anything?

I can't ever recall this type of contingent missing out on the Pro Day of their potential #1 overall pick. Are the Cards really only passively interested or are they more likely just comfortable with him and don't need the time with him?

It's not like they can't tip their hat, they have the #1 overall pick for crying out loud. Are they trying to appear passive until they can deal Rosen?

So many questions.
htismaqe 10:31 AM 03-14-2019
They're going to take him without ever working him out. I imagine it has happened in the past.
TambaBerry 11:07 AM 03-14-2019
Browns didnt go to Mayfields last year
Iconic 08:25 PM 03-14-2019
If they have a private workout setup, which they do, it doesn't mean shit.