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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>Devine Ozigbo 5th-6th round
Titty Meat 09:31 PM 03-06-2019
Lets address this upfront yes I am a huge Husker fan but I havent advocated drafting a Husker since 2011 (Jared Crick)

Oz is a hell of a back. He was punished by an incompetent coaching staff and shitty offensive line with a dual threat QB who was wildly inaccurate asked to run a pro style west coast offense. Even so at times he flashed.

This past year played for a new coach with a revamped strength program and the offensive line played much better. The QB is a very good dual threat QB but was a freshman who missed his SR year of high school with injury.

With that said coming into this year Oz was the 3rd string rb and almost an after thought. The kid ended up beating out a good Juco transfer who was a 4* and split Carries with a true freshman before outright winning the job. He rushed for over 1,000 yards this year and got a first down 35% of the time he touched the ball.

He reminds me of a little less athletic Spencer Ware but more physical. I think he can still develope catching the ball. I believe he could average 4.2 yards a carry and be a good short yardage back.
htismaqe 10:58 PM 03-06-2019
I'd definitely take a late round flyer on him. He's a good back.
Titty Meat 12:22 AM 03-10-2019
Ran a 4.5 at his pro day
Chris Meck 11:13 AM 03-10-2019
that's a hell of a 40 time for a guy of his size.