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View Poll Results: Pick ONE kicker for the all-decade team of the 2010s.
Harrison Butker - Field Goals 96/107= 89.7%, Extra Points 138/145= 95.2%, 426 Total Points 118 98.33%
Ryan Succop - Field Goals 94/118= 79.7%, Extra Points 131/131= 100%, 413 Total Points 1 0.83%
Cairo Santos - Field Goals 89/105= 84.8%, Extra Points 125/130= 96.2%, 392 Total Points 0 0%
Write-in below, even though no one else attempted a kick in the 2010s. 1 0.83%
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The Lounge>Chiefs All-Decade Team - Kicker
Rain Man 11:16 AM 02-26-2020
With the end of the decade, it's time for us to select our all-decade team for the 2010s. Credit to Direckshun for the idea; I'm just implementing it.

Here are the rules:

1. I'll put up lists of position groups one at a time.

2. Each list will contain guys who had at least one notable stat line in their career. I'll generally put them in descending order of some key stat.

3. The stats will contain ONLY their body of work between 2010 and 2019 for the Chiefs. No pre-2010 stats and no stats for other teams.

4. The number of roster spots will be the same as the number of roster spots on the 2019 Super Bowl roster for the Chiefs.

5. You can use whatever criteria you want to select the team. It can be total stats for the decade, it can be dominance in a shorter period, it can be playmakers who didn't screw up badly, whatever. It's your call. Feel free to use any criteria not listed in your decision. For example, if you know that Terrance Copper was an amazing blocker, you can build that into your decision.

6. In a subsequent poll we will determine which players are the starters on the all-decade team. In the first round, you're just going to fill the 53-man roster.

Our next position group is kicker. ONE kicker will make the all-decade team. So pick ONE kicker.
Rain Man 11:07 AM 02-28-2020
Harrison Butker is our all-decade kicker, missing a unanimous vote only because of Ryan Succop's cuteness.
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