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View Poll Results: Pick FOUR running backs for the all-decade team of the 2010s.
Jamaal Charles - 72 G, 1075 Runs, 5783 Rush Yds, 5.38 YPC, 36 Rush TDs, 7671 Scrim. Yds 145 98.64%
Kareem Hunt - 27 G, 453 Runs, 2151 Rush Yds, 4.75 YPC, 15 Rush TDs, 2984 Scrim. Yds 112 76.19%
Spencer Ware - 41 G, 354 Runs, 1621 Rush Yds, 4.58 YPC, 11 Rush TDs, 2319 Scrim. Yds 81 55.10%
Dexter McCluster - 58 G, 152 Runs, 662 Rush Yds, 4.36 YPC, 1 Rush TDs, 2162 Scrim. Yds 2 1.36%
Charcandrick West - 52 G, 268 Runs, 998 Rush Yds, 3.72 YPC, 7 Rush TDs, 1587 Scrim. Yds 8 5.44%
Thomas Jones - 32 G, 398 Runs, 1374 Rush Yds, 3.45 YPC, 6 Rush TDs, 1539 Scrim. Yds 1 0.68%
Damien Williams - 27 G, 161 Runs, 754 Rush Yds, 4.68 YPC, 9 Rush TDs, 1127 Scrim. Yds 124 84.35%
Knile Davis - 55 G, 245 Runs, 800 Rush Yds, 3.27 YPC, 11 Rush TDs, 1067 Scrim. Yds 4 2.72%
Jackie Battle - 31 G, 169 Runs, 647 Rush Yds, 3.83 YPC, 3 Rush TDs, 724 Scrim. Yds 1 0.68%
De'Anthony Thomas - 61 G, 30 Runs, 190 Rush Yds, 6.33 YPC, 2 Rush TDs, 699 Scrim. Yds 2 1.36%
LeSean McCoy - 13 G, 101 Runs, 465 Rush Yds, 4.6 YPC, 4 Rush TDs, 646 Scrim. Yds 2 1.36%
Anthony Sherman - 112 G, 24 Runs, 62 Rush Yds, 2.58 YPC, 1 Rush TDs, 498 Scrim. Yds 74 50.34%
Shaun Draughn - 17 G, 59 Runs, 233 Rush Yds, 3.95 YPC, 2 Rush TDs, 391 Scrim. Yds 1 0.68%
Darrel Williams - 18 G, 54 Runs, 185 Rush Yds, 3.43 YPC, 3 Rush TDs, 379 Scrim. Yds 2 1.36%
Peyton Hillis - 13 G, 85 Runs, 309 Rush Yds, 3.64 YPC, 1 Rush TDs, 371 Scrim. Yds 1 0.68%
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The Lounge>Chiefs All-Decade Team - Running Backs
Rain Man 11:08 AM 02-14-2020
With the end of the decade, it's time for us to select our all-decade team for the 2010s. Credit to Direckshun for the idea; I'm just implementing it.

Here are the rules:

1. I'll put up lists of position groups one at a time.

2. Each list will contain guys who had at least one notable stat line in their career. I'll generally put them in descending order of some key stat.

3. The stats will contain ONLY their body of work between 2010 and 2019 for the Chiefs. No pre-2010 stats and no stats for other teams.

4. The number of roster spots will be the same as the number of roster spots on the 2019 Super Bowl roster for the Chiefs.

5. You can use whatever criteria you want to select the team. It can be total stats for the decade, it can be dominance in a shorter period, it can be playmakers who didn't screw up badly, whatever. It's your call. Feel free to use any criteria not listed in your decision. For example, if you know that Terrance Copper was an amazing blocker, you can build that into your decision.

6. In a subsequent poll we will determine which players are the starters on the all-decade team. In the first round, you're just going to fill the 53-man roster.

Our next position group is running backs. FOUR running backs will make the all-decade team. So pick FOUR running backs. It's your call on whether you want to have a fullback on the team, because I'm lumping them all together.

Administrative note: I cut the list off to include only guys who gained 350 yards or more from scrimmage during the decade, in case you're wondering why Darwin Thompson, Cyrus Gray, etc., aren't listed.
PurpleRiders51 09:07 AM 02-15-2020
Charles, Williams, Hunt & Ware.
big nasty kcnut 09:23 AM 02-15-2020
Joe Delaney was not human! Run so good he made teams look like twigs when he ran.
Mosbonian 10:34 AM 02-15-2020
Originally Posted by gblowfish:
Jamaal was very good, but best ever? Priest was awesome. So was Joe Delaney. So was Marcus Allen. So was Abner Haynes. Hard to say who was best. You can make a case for Damian Williams. He won a SB. These other guys did not.
I know you and I are the same generation...can't believe you didn't mention Mike Garrett....Curtis McLinton.....Ed Podolak
Mosbonian 10:41 AM 02-15-2020
Sorry...I just can't vote for Hunt in any way shape or form

Charles. Williams, Sherman and Ware for me.

When it comes to the Super Bowl win getting it for Andy was job 1.

After that you just have to be happy for the guys who toil with very little fanfare and yet do so much for the team. Guys like Schwartz and Colquitt who have played so long and worked hard to get to what we achieved today.

But if I think the guy who best epitomizes Kansas City and its fans it is Anthony Sherman. Hard working...small fan fare but everyone loves him.

That's why he got my vote.
Mama Hip Rockets 10:51 AM 02-15-2020
Why did someone not vote for Jamaal Charles? LOL
Ubeja Vontell 02:20 PM 02-15-2020
Originally Posted by big nasty kcnut:
Joe Delaney was not human! Run so good he made teams look like twigs when he ran.
Over 1100 yards rushing and 200 yards receiving his rookie season, a pro bowler. What a tragedy.
Rain Man 07:54 PM 02-16-2020
Okay, the all-decade team is Jamaal, Damien, Kareem and Spencer. Ware and Sherman fought an epic battle for that final spot, but Ware ended up pulling away slightly.
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