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The Lounge>A.J. Bouye Might be cut
ShowtimeSBMVP 11:33 AM 02-14-2020

I'm hearing the same thing on CB A.J. Bouye. If Jags eventually make this move for salary cap reasons, Bouye, a Pro Bowler and second-team All-Pro in 2017, becomes an intriguing option on open market. Chiefs CBs Kendall Fuller, Bashaud Breeland are set to be UFAs next month.

— Herbie Teope (@HerbieTeope) February 14, 2020

DRM08 07:08 PM 02-14-2020
Originally Posted by dlphg9:
Someone will massively overpay. I guarantee it won't be us.
Can't afford him and he's not worth it anyway.
Couch-Potato 07:35 PM 02-14-2020
Norman, Bouye, maybe PP next? ...Vet CB market looking goo! Who wants to win a super bowl?
MightyMouse 08:21 PM 02-14-2020
Breeland was fine but replaceable. He has a ring and seems like the type of dude that would get paid and get complacent. Glad he was here and helped us win a super bowl but unless he wants to stay cheap then no please.
I would say no to fuller but his versatility and since we need a safety then I’d like to bring fuller in and he can play wherever.
I would draft Fulton in the first round. Can’t bank on a rookie but he is the type of guy that I think can still get plenty of snaps and be good enough.
I don’t want Harris for more than 9 a year.
I’d be looking at guys like Anthony Johnson or Ross cockrell.
I’d be plenty happy with ward, Johnson, Fulton, fuller, Fenton.
That is good enough and we can’t nor need to dream big when it comes to FA
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