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ntexascardfan 02:20 PM 02-03-2020
I'm not going to get into the full roster, because I don't currently have enough knowledge on how to work the cap to make an honest go of that. The only move I'll make in this draft is trading back out of our 32nd pick. In this draft I prioritized players who have shown a high level of toughness and football IQ. I think with those two traits you can coach up the rest.

Chiefs trade the 32nd pick to the Browns for their 41st and 90th pick. (We come out a bit ahead with this compared to slot value, but our connection to the Browns FO makes it happen).

41: Jaylon Johnson, CB - Utah
63: Ben Brederson, OG - Michigan
90: Malik Harrison, LB - Ohio State
96: Cam Akers, RB, FSU
128: Devin Duvernay, WR, Texas
160: Raequan Williams, DT, Michigan State

Maybe this draft is complete shit, but it gives us a good corner who still has a lot of room to grow in Johnson. I debated between Johnson and Bryce Hall here, but I think Johnson profiles best with the press coverages we play a lot.

I really like Brederson because he's a smart and fluid guard who I think would perform well in our system with some development.

Harrison is a downhill linebacker with pop to play in the running game and the athleticism to bust gaps and get to the QB.

I feel like Akers + Damien Williams is a solid 1-2 punch. They are similar running backs and I think Akers was under utilized as a pass catcher at FSU

Duverney is our replacement for Sammy. He's got a ton of speed, sticky hands, and plays like a running back with the ball in his hands.

I like Raequan as a rotational DT who is going to be a better pass rusher than a run defender.