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The Marty Lounge>Call Your Shot: Who will be the Chiefs first pick?
staylor26 09:37 AM 04-05-2021
If they stay at 31: Samuel Cosmi, OT, Texas

If they trade up: Teven Jenkins, OT, Oklahoma St.
Tribal Warfare 02:06 PM Yesterday
Originally Posted by htismaqe:
Because Veach is an opportunistic guy.

Andy basically said it in his press conference:

1) The coaches feel like the line is solid.

2) They felt like Niang had the ability to play LT and

3) They had aspirations of putting him there after seeing him work out

4) Veach is a guy that's ALWAYS looking for upgrades at every position. He never stops looking and never stops evaluating positions, even if it looks like they are set.
When Reid said that the plan was to move Niang to LT, really signaled that Williams negotiations sticking points were the long term contract the 49ers were offering in comparison to a short term contract the Chiefs were presenting not wanting to face competition for 1st string in the second year of the contract
Detoxing 02:06 PM Yesterday
Originally Posted by Kiimosabi:
I could ABSOLUTELY see Pittsburgh take Najee Harris. Tomlin's been talking him up and just signed an extension and could easily flex his leverage. People in Pittsburgh have been talking about this for a few weeks.
He'll probably be a top 10 the 2nd round.
Mahomes4MVP 02:31 PM Yesterday
Leatherwood from Alabama
ForeverIowan 02:41 PM Yesterday
Devonta Smith at 166 pounds is going to slide. No GM in the top 15 wants to risk that. I think Mahomes, Veach and Reid would all love a premier third pass catcher. Go get him.
Kiimosabi 09:24 PM Yesterday
Coogs 05:45 AM Today
Couple of injury notes from the medical combine per GBN:

Originally Posted by :
Injury notes for WR Marshall, DE Phillips … Not a whole lot of details, but NFL Network draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah reported on a conference call earlier this week that LSU WR Terrace Marshall had some medical stuff that popped up at the combine that could cause him to slip a little bit at next week’s draft. Unfortunately, Jeremiah did not get into any specifics on the issues, but it should be noted that Marshall was sidelined for a month with a broken foot as a sophomore in 2019 and also suffered a season-ending leg injury in his senior year in HS that carried over to his freshman year at LSU. Meanwhile, it came out at the Giants pre-draft presser earlier today that Miami DE Jaelan Phillips, a top 20 prospect for next week’s draft, apparently was not at the follow-up medical testing in Indianapolis earlier this month. Phillips, a one-time blue-chip recruit at UCLA, actually retired from football a couple of years back because of concussions, but made a successful comeback after transferring to Miami. Needless to say, the health issue has been something of a cloud over Phillips’ 2021 draft prospectus and one would think that teams would have been hoping that he received a clean bill of health at the Indy medical testing.
spanky 52 06:15 AM Today
WR Dyami Brown.
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