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The Marty Lounge>***NON-POLITICAL COVID-19 Discussion Thread***
JakeF 10:28 PM 02-26-2020
A couple of reminders...

Originally Posted by Bwana:
Once again, don't come in this thread with some kind of political agenda, or you will be shown the door. If you want to go that route, there is a thread about this in DC.
Originally Posted by Dartgod:
People, there is a lot of good information in this thread, let's try to keep the petty bickering to a minimum.

We all have varying opinions about the impact of this, the numbers, etc. We will all never agree with each other. But we can all keep it civil.


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mlyonsd 09:34 PM Yesterday
Originally Posted by Sure-Oz:
Non dominant. It was fine after 2 days. Never got sick...just a little soreness/tiredness on 2nd pfizer
BigBeauford 11:03 PM Yesterday
India is being ravaged by COVID:

"Covid-19 has hit this country with a ferocity not seen before...but not unexpected either". WARNING - this is a very distressing but necessary report from @yogital, Fred Scott and Sanjay Ganguly on the human catastrophe unfolding in #Delhi. Please watch #CovidIndia #BBCNewsTen

— Nicola Careem (@NicolaCareem) April 21, 2021

Why is this video so stealthily shot? No news Channel will show you this. 3.15 lakh patients ad per the fudgy data of Modi govt. #WhoFailedIndia ? @narendramodi

— Suby #ReleaseSanjivBhatt (@Subytweets) April 22, 2021

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