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Washington DC and The Holy Land>Biden falling into gaffe hole daily
HonestChieffan 06:26 AM 07-01-2019

Joe Biden just can’t seem to help himself. The former vice president spoke at a Pride weekend fundraiser on Saturday in Seattle. According to the Seattle Times, guests had paid a minimum of $1,000 to dine at the home of public relations executive and gay rights activist Roger Nyhus and to meet the candidate.

Biden told the crowd that, as vice president, he was one of the first Obama administration officials to support same-sex marriage. He spoke about how far the country has come in terms of recognizing the rights of the LGBT community.

According to the Seattle Times, Biden said that “just five years ago, it would have been acceptable for a businessman to make “fun of a gay waiter.””

His remark was not received well by guests who called out, “Not in Seattle!”

It wouldn’t have been acceptable anywhere in the U.S. to make fun of a gay waiter five years ago or even fifteen years ago. In fact, why would anyone make fun of a gay waiter anyway?
ClevelandBronco 10:55 AM 07-01-2019
Why does Joe make the straight guy a businessman and the gay guy a waiter?

There's your microaggression, no matter what else he says.
SuperBowl4 10:58 AM 07-01-2019
The dudes going to cure cancer if elected bro. None of the other candidates can claim that!
Titty Meat 11:11 AM 07-01-2019
Dude dropped out in 88 before it started and got like 1% in Iowa in 08. Hes always been a terrible candidate
scho63 09:54 AM 08-26-2019
Latest three Biden gaffes:

* "40 killed at Kent State"

* "I spoke at Dartmouth College or Dartmouth Medical School or some Medical students came by, I'm not sure where the hell I spoke, I'm not crazy in the head.

* "It's great to be here in Vermont" (He was in New Hampshire)
warrior 10:47 AM 08-26-2019
Originally Posted by Flying High D:
Ol’ Joe reminiscing about the good ol days.

Can't wait for on the campaign trail with Robert Byrd days. :-)
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