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Washington DC and The Holy Land>Ukraine Gains From Trump’s Impeachment Inquiry
BucEyedPea 11:37 PM 10-09-2019
...[It's]having a salutary effect on the conflict in Ukraine...
Now, that Volker, who had an"impeccable reputation as a Russia hawk" has resigned and impeachment consumes congress and the president:
This “hands-off” phase gives Zelensky a free hand to handle his country’s relations with Russia. The same holds good for Moscow which gets an opportunity to deal with Kiev without the Americans breathing over the neck of the Ukrainian president.

A meeting for a peace process known as the “Steinmeier Formula,” green-lights local elections in the Russian-controlled regions of Donbas; warring parties will withdraw their military and equipment in Donbas, dismantle fortifications, and conduct de-mining; separatist regions will get a special self-governing status after they hold local elections....

This could not be implemented before because of American pressure on Kiev.
Washington persuaded Kiev that Steinmeier’s Formula in effect served to legitimise Russia’s “proxies” in the separatist regions by means of staging local elections, which in turn aimed at allowing Russia’s de facto control of that territory, even if the territory were to be notionally reinserted into Ukraine.

The former pro-US Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko simply refused to work with Russia, Germany and France to codify Steinmeier’s Formula. Indeed, the US strategy aimed at preventing any “thaw” between Kiev and Moscow.

Reprinted with permission from Indian Punchline.