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Direckshun 11:22 PM 09-25-2019
Time to jack up this defense in a challenging offseason.

1. The Chiefs lose the AFCCG to the New England Patriots. GM Brett Veach and HC Andy Reid are retained.

2. After the season, the Chiefs extend/re-sign QB Patrick Mahomes 7 years, $245m, OG Andrew Wylie 2 years, $8m, DT Chris Jones 4 years, $85m, S Jordan Lucas 3 years, $9m.

3. The Chiefs cut: OLB Dorian O'Daniel, CB Tremon Smith, S Daniel Sorensen, P Dustin Colquitt

4. The Chiefs trade: WR Sammie Watkins for a 2nd round pick, DE Tanoh Kpassagnon for a 4th round pick, DE Breeland Speaks for a 6th round pick.

5. The Chiefs re-sign to minimal deals: QB Chad Henne, RB LeSean McCoy, WR Marcus Kemp, DT Xavier Williams, OLB Darren Lee

6. The Chiefs tender: WR Gehrig Dieter, TE Blake Bell, OG Ryan Hunter

7. The Chiefs let walk: QB Matt Moore, FB Anthony Sherman, WR Demarcus Robinson, WR De'Anthony Thomas, TE Deon Yelder, OG Jeff Allen, DT Joey Ivie, DE Emmanuel Ogbah, MLB Reggie Ragland, CB Bashaud Breeland, CB Kendall Fuller, CB Morris Claiborne

8. The Chiefs sign: OLB Wesley Woodyard (Titans) 1 year, $4m; CB Chris Harris (Broncos) for 2 years, $18m.

9. The Chiefs are selecting 31st. They receive no compensatory picks. The pick they landed for CB Mark Fields was a 2021 7th.

The Selections:

1. CB Jeffrey Okudah, Ohio State

A true #1 corner that Chris Harris can help mold. This guy has all the ability but may fall to the bottom of the 1st round because he has ZERO interceptions. Make no mistake, though: he is a coverage ace.

2 (Ford). DE Nick Coe, Auburn

The Chiefs traded off both Kpass and Speaks, so they need to restock at DE. The Chiefs love big, physical defensive ends, and Coe is a solid 290 lbs for the position. His athleticism isn't amazing, and he may not have great stats in 2019 due to all the good OLs he'll face. But he boasts the kind of power and technical promise that can make him a good starter.

2 (Watkins). CB Jaylon Johnson, Utah

I'm still trying to get a read as to what Spags is looking for in corners, but Johnson at least offers versatility. He can play in the slot, he can play outside. He can play zone, but mostly seems committed to man to man. The Chiefs therefore choose to double-dip at CB.

3. OLB Michael Divinity, LSU

I still think the Chiefs would like a SOLB who's a little bit coverage country, and a little pass rush rock and roll. Divinity has a very Damien Wilson-esque skill set.

4 (Kpassganon). TE Mitchell Wilcox, South Florida

Wilcox is going to need a year of grooming and such, but he's the kind of receiver-first TE that is going to absolutely destroy with Mahomes

4. WR Tarik Black, Michigan

After losing Chris Conley and (in this mock) Demarcus Robinson in consecutive years, the Chiefs bring in a big, physical WR in Black to body up defenders in the end zone.

5. DE Josh Kaindoh, Florida State

Length and strength, folks. Length and strength. At this point you're just looking for tools to develop, and Kaindoh is a very Kpassagnon-esque 6'7" powerhouse to replace Okafor on the strong side in the future.

6 (Speaks). CB Levonta Taylor, Florida State

With Kendall Fuller out the door, the Chiefs have no natural nickelbacks on the roster -- and Taylor would be the closest thing they'd have on the roster in this mock for 2020.


QB: Mahomes, Henne, Shurmur
RB: Williams, McCoy, Thompson, Williams
FB: Lovett

WR: Hill, Hardman, Black, Pringle, Kemp
TE: Kelce, Bell, Wilcox

LT: Fisher, Schwartz
LG: Wylie, Erving
C: Reiter, Allegretti
RG: Duvarney-Tardif, Hunter
RT: Schwartz, Rankins

DE: Clark, Coe
DT: Jones, Saunders
DT: Nnadi, Williams
DE: Okafor, Kaindoh

OLB: Woodyard, Lee
ILB: Hitchens, Niemann
OLB: Wilson, Divinity

CB: Harris, Okudah, Ward, Johnson, Taylor
S: Matthieu, Thornhill, Lucas, Watts

K: Butker
P: some dude
LS: Winchester
Buehler445 12:08 AM 09-26-2019
I think there is a 0% chance a team with Mahomes on it doesn't dedicate at least 1 pick to offense every year. That's a good way to get old fast.

My hope with KPass is to sign him cheap in the offseason and get some good production out of his second contract.
The Franchise 11:21 AM 09-26-2019
Your contract numbers are always way off.

Why would Harris sign for $9 million a year?
Direckshun 09:02 PM 09-26-2019
Originally Posted by The Franchise:
Your contract numbers are always way off.

Why would Harris sign for $9 million a year?
He's old. He's not playing well (by his standards) right now. And KC will be a hotspot destination for players in the coming years.
mnchiefsguy 01:27 AM 09-27-2019
No way the Chiefs would trade Sammy Watkins and let DRob walk.

If one happens the other won't.
kccrow 11:09 AM 09-29-2019
I'll be pretty pissed if Veach doesn't address linebacker in round 1 or 2 this year. This team remains terrible there and it's the absolute biggest weakness on the team.
kccrow 04:21 PM 09-29-2019
I'm looking at the cap implications of doing the things you have here and it doesn't look good. The Chiefs are tight against the cap and can't move much real estate. If you look at annual growth and things stay on par with what they've been, the cap should be between 201 and 203 million. If you trade Watkins and the other scrubs and make your cuts and throw in cutting Cam Erving for good measure, you're still only looking at $27 to $30 million in money. Re-signing Jones likely eats up at least $16 of that on a $21 per deal. If you re-sign Mahomes early, then you're looking at half that contract being fully guaranteed and at least 60% of that guaranteed money being a signing bonus. That puts him at an extra $10.5 m against the cap. You've already eaten up every cent of the cap.

The sad reality is that the terrible Clark deal could cost us Jones, which is stupid. At best, you have to wait to re-sign Mahomes until 2021 and you aren't doing much in terms of free-agent splashes because the Chiefs have a bunch of guys exiting, so you'd see a ton of low-cost deals. I'm not sure what the rollover will be with the movement of contracts this year, but you're kind of banking on that to do anything at all.
kccrow 09:12 PM 09-29-2019
wrong spot