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Washington DC and The Holy Land>Well-it's Portland so....
displacedinMN 09:56 AM 07-17-2020

Oregon Public Broadcasting confirms tweets today that federal officers in camouflage but no agency identification or badges, driving unmarked non-government rental cars, are grabbing protestors off streets in Portland and not talking w local authorities

— David Burbach (@dburbach) July 17, 2020

listopencil 05:30 PM Today

Easy 6 05:33 PM Today
Originally Posted by Megatron96:
that child needs a spanking.
It’s NAP time for you little mister!
listopencil 05:34 PM Today

Hammock Parties 08:25 PM Today

Teespring is not a fascist company. Due to the recent increase of violent Antifa content, we have removed all Antifa related listings until we are able to review the intent behind the designs. Reviewing this content will take some time, so we appreciate your understanding.

— Teespring (@teespring) August 7, 2020

Hammock Parties 08:32 PM Today

Some Black Lives Matter protesters in Salt Lake City, Utah, could face up to life in prison if they’re convicted of splashing red paint and smashing windows during a protest.

— PBS NewsHour (@NewsHour) August 7, 2020

Fishpicker 09:07 PM Today
Originally Posted by listopencil:
this man is a liar by way of minimizing. Rose city Antifa has run downtown Portland for at least 3 years.

3 years ago

2 years ago

1 year ago

the problem with Portland police bureau is that they have no control and the media and city government work against them. PPB is completely overwhelmed and refuses to assert any authority. that is due to the mayor, Ted Wheeler.
Iowanian 09:42 PM Today
I'd like ta see that dispersed with A10 warthogs.

Fuck these terrorists.
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