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The Lounge>Which RB did you want the Chiefs to draft?
Couch-Potato 11:26 AM 08-01-2020
Chiefs nabbed up CEH and I couldn't be happier with the decision, but before the draft I was rooting for us to grab up Zack Moss.

Did you have another RB or no RB at all in mind for the Chiefs?
Kiimosabi 10:05 AM 08-04-2020
Originally Posted by StinkBox:
Actually thought the Chiefs were going LB or OL.

Seems like a pretty solid pick to an already dynamic offense.

A lot of the guys I wanted went really early. Then I saw that video calling out Queen and it convinced me that the dude could easily bust.

By the time our pick came around with who was left I was out of guys to hope for. I had completely forgotten about CEH.

A professional fantasy draft full of industry guys just drafted.

Somebody picked CEH overall number 1. We got so freakin lucky. He's going to destroy.

Here's their draft, Mecole is a STEAL
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Detoxing 12:14 PM 08-04-2020
I was on the CEH train from the moment i started paying attention to the draft (which was admittedly late).

I thought he had better elite traits than any RB in the draft. You could watch his highlights (yes, highlights, you don't need All-22 to see certain traits) and easily see the natural talent.

His quickness was unmatched. He had a brutal spin move and jump cut. His ability to start and stop was unmatched by any RB i saw, he constantly turned 4 yards into 7 yards, played with good power for his size, his hands were natural and effortless.

Watching CEH run was like watching Mahomes all came so natural and easy.

He was the best RB imo and the best schematic fit. It was kind of a no-brainer. There was no internal debate here for me.
Kiimosabi 12:49 PM 08-04-2020
I think vision is completely underrated.

When I was a Darwin Truther I ignored reports of terrible vision. CEH has elite vision
htismaqe 03:15 PM 08-04-2020
I didn't really want a RB in round 1 but hey, it was #32 and they won the freaking Super Bowl, so I wasn't about to poo poo the move.

I do think in hindsight, they got the best RB in the draft for Andy's system. He's going to wreck defenses.
htismaqe 03:17 PM 08-04-2020
Originally Posted by JakeF:
Darryl Williams can be the bigger back who loads it up for us. Reid rarely runs those type of plays anyway. He would rather run on the edges even in goalline situations.
Andy likes to spread the defense and run right up the middle in goal line situations, too. That's not a big back's job, that's a slippery back's job. Think about the difference between Christian Okoye and Marcus Allen.

Sure, CEH can run outside, he's fast. But he has elite vision and between the tackles, he was the most efficient RB in college football. Andy wants that.
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