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Yes 115 82.14%
No 22 15.71%
I'm not a Chiefs fan, but I like feeling included 3 2.14%
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The Lounge>Do you enjoy being a Chiefs fan?
DaFace 09:15 AM 11-16-2019
Not really much more context needed. I just wonder sometimes after reading a lot of the comments around here.
-King- 09:43 AM 11-16-2019
Originally Posted by DaFace:
The "bipolar" thing is interesting. My hypothesis is that it's less about individual people being bipolar so much as it's just the nature of who is more likely to be vocal at any given time. If we win, the "haters" are pretty quiet, while the "fanboys" are pretty vocal. If we lose, the opposite is true. But it's tough to actually read comments while keeping track of who is who, so it comes across as a huge swing in emotions depending on a game's outcome.

The more long-term feeling I keep seeing is people who just seem miserable watching the team this year despite the fact that 1) we have Mahomes and 2) we're still a highly-competitive team. I know people don't like to admit it, but for 99% of teams out there, this is about as good as it gets. Some people just seem like anything short of a Patriots-level dynasty is unacceptable. My standards are apparently pretty low - I just like being entertained and getting to watch Mahomes do cool shit. Do I enjoy losses? Of course not. But I'd take this over what pretty much every other team in the NFL has right now.
I said this in another thread...the Patriots and other dynasties have skewed the expectations of teams once they have a great QB. In reality even with a great QB you're going to not win the Superbowl most years. There's a reason Aaron Rodgers had one ring. A reason Drew Brees has one ring. A reason Manning had one ring with the colts. A reason why outside of a handful of them, most hall of fame QBs only have 1 ring. It's fucking hard to win a Superbowl. So if you're only enjoyment comes from if the chiefs with Mahomes win a bunch of Superbowls, you're going to have a bad time. It's crazy how frustrated some people are 25 or so starts in his career that we're apparently not successful enough for their liking.
Zebedee DuBois 09:44 AM 11-16-2019
Originally Posted by MephistophelesJanx:
I used to love being a Chiefs fan. I knew every stat of every player, could tell you the college each of them went to, knew exactly what awards they had won.

2009-2012 had Pioli and Cassel put a dagger right in my heart.

To be honest... I've never fully recovered. Mahomes did a lot to heal me... but even he didn't completely fill the void.
I echo this.

I used to know the names of the entire roster, strengths and weaknesses and pour over every article written about the Chiefs. Somewhere in the Herm Edwards era / Tyler Palko or whatever - I had that level of engagement sucked out of me.

I feel like I see it how it is now. An entertainment. Certainly not a thing to let control your mood for the day. I still watch the Chiefs as much as I can, but not necessarily as a top top priority.

Mahomes/Hill/Kelce is a wondrous sight to behold.
-King- 09:45 AM 11-16-2019
Originally Posted by BryanBusby:
CP is bipolar win or loss.

Every GDT: "why won't that fat fuck run the football" *2 plays later* "Why did that fat fuck run the ball? What a gutless pussy!"

It's the same script since 2013.
Every reaction is tied to the result. If Andy runs a creative play and it works, it's because of how genius he is. If it doesn't work, it's because he's a dumbass that's being too cute.
BDj23 09:50 AM 11-16-2019
A lot of misery comes with being a Chiefs fan. I might irrationally drunkpost on here after a loss from time to time, but I don't get mad irl anymore.

After that Steelers playoff debacle I kinda had an alcohol induced meltdown. Promised my wife I would never get mad over a chiefs game again. I wasn't even mad walking out of Arrowhead after the AFC championship game.
rabblerouser 09:58 AM 11-16-2019
Originally Posted by ptlyon:
I was born 23 days after SB IV. I was born in a household that were Chiefs fans. I have no Damn choice in the matter.
This. I never had a choice.

That being said, I started watching in the early Schottenheimer era.

My first 2 playoff losses were the Dave Szott hold in Miami, and the qst Buffalo beatdown.

Then we got Montana and Allen, and I'm like "whoa, SUPER BOWL TIME."

Basically been like jacking off with a cheese grater ever since.
burt 10:08 AM 11-16-2019
Originally Posted by rabblerouser:

Basically been like jacking off with a cheese grater ever since.
Yep. Zactly.
KC Tattoo 10:11 AM 11-16-2019
I enjoy fishing and I cuss a lot when I fish so the two are the same I love them both.
Easy 6 10:14 AM 11-16-2019
Yes, now more than ever
KC Tattoo 10:14 AM 11-16-2019
Climbing a mountain shouldn't be easy but when you get to the top the view is spectacular so the reward is magnificent . No matter how long it takes us to reach the top and win a Super Bowl just think how much more satisfaction that will bring.
King_Chief_Fan 10:16 AM 11-16-2019
since I was 12 Chiefs have been my team (I am 66 now)
My career took me from KC to Detroit, to Blacksburg Va. to Iowa to St. Louis. Was a Chiefs fan wherever I lived.

I have seen it all with this team and never changed.
Saw both superbowls (on TV)

Running out of time to see another one so I am very impatient now.

So after 50 years what is a fan supposed to do?
ptlyon 10:16 AM 11-16-2019
Originally Posted by rabblerouser:
This. I never had a choice.

That being said, I started watching in the early Schottenheimer era.
At least 1 had the luxury of my early memories being of the mid/late 70's of suck. I knew pain early. :-)
CapsLockKey 10:27 AM 11-16-2019
Yes. As frustrating as a loss can be now because expectations are higher it's 10x more enjoyable than the Pioli and Herm years.
gblowfish 10:33 AM 11-16-2019
I hate them.
I love them.
I love to hate them.
I hate to love them.
I'm conflicted.
Wallcrawler 10:34 AM 11-16-2019
Chiefs will be the only team I follow.

People can say what they want about over reacting to a loss, but god damn.

There's losses that happen because the other team was just better. They wanted it more, maybe your team was dealing with injury....

But THE WAY we lose games, IT ****ING MATTERS.

When your head coach makes decisions that makes absolutely no sense, or does not seem to be aware of win conditions....its ****ing brutal.

When my little brother who plays madden knows more about clock management, timeout usage, and win conditions than a multi millionaire supposed genius in the biz over two decades, its pretty god damn soul crushing.

You needed 2 yards to win. Two. A first down wins.

Not only did he appear to not know this but his playcall to get 2 yards offered ther reigning MVP only ONE ****ing option on the play?!

This should have been two plays schemed to get 2 yards.

Youre the best offense in the league, you need 2 yards to win and you not only cant manage it but you call a play to the absolute worst offensive option you have, completely disregarding HILL,WATKINS, KELCE, HARDMAN, ROBINSON, WILLIAMS, AND BY DEFAULT, MAHOMES AS WELL BY ONLY GIVING HIM ONE ****ING READ.

Its just ****ing brutal. Losing because of unfathomable stupidity is the hardest to take.

But, I've suffered since 1993, and will continue to do so.
007 10:40 AM 11-16-2019
To be honest, each year I care just a little less. Very tired of all the stupid little things that keep detailing them every single year.
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