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The Iron Chief 10:40 AM 10-20-2019
If there is one thing I've learned from CP is that the wealth of knowledge is far better than any TripAdvisor crap or similar site that you would scroll thru on the internet....usually... :-)

While we suffer thru our PM hangover today hoping the Packers win and on the last snap of the game Rogers breaks his pinkie ring finger I would like to pick your all mighty brains.

I live in upstate NY and I've gone North, South even across the pool to my Right but I gotta say I'm a Virgin to the west coast.

My wife has a company meeting in Palm springs but we land in the horror I'm told is LAX.
On top of that we land at noon.
Since we need to get to our resort quickly(if that is possible) in Desert Hot Springs we will not be site seeing.
Grab our rental at LAX and hit the highway.
It looks like a fairly straight shot on google maps..approx 2:30 travel time.

So my first questions are
LAX is truly a nightmare?
The surrounding highways...will I be at a stand still til I've cleared LA?

Google maps shows us I'll be using Highway numbers.. 105/605/10
Anything interesting to see on this ride?
I'm guessing I'll see some scenic views that I'm not used to which is interesting in itself.

Our list to dos are..

Soak up the scenery type(Rocks,cactus, desert terrain wildlife etc. that we've never seen before.
Going on the popular Palm springs Aerial Tramway.
Once were 8500 FT above the sea it worth doing the 2 hour hike to the peak(10,000 FT)? has anyone been here or done this?

We're spending one full day at Joshua state park exploring.
Our plan is to leave there in the evening then go back near midnight and do the star gazing thing...I'm told it IS mind blowing with Zero light pollution.

Those are the typical things on the agenda the others are.

Buy our first Legal weed wife who rarely smokes anymore says to me... Ok so we land then we hit the highway then we buy a god damn Legal joint and burn that shit up!!.... I think I just stared at her and finally there anyway we can leave tomorrow?! :-)

Swim in the Hot Mineral springs at the hotel.

And of course Good Eats.

There is a Mexican place called South of the Border a walk away from our Hotel seems to have good reviews.
There is also a breakfast place in Palm springs called Cheeky's.

I should say our Hotel is 20 minutes from the Main Joshua Park Entrance at Joshua Village & we are 20 minutes from Palm Springs.

The location despite the Crime warnings seem to be pretty good.

Sorry to clutter the lounge with this but any tips or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

If nobody has any this thread will soon fall under the weight of the Injury reports & how long PM should sit threads.
scho63 01:47 AM 10-31-2019
Glad you had a great time and sorry you didn't follow my advice and bang the 'ol lady in the car as soon as you hit the desert. :-)
The Iron Chief 02:24 PM 10-31-2019
Originally Posted by scho63:
Glad you had a great time and sorry you didn't follow my advice and bang the 'ol lady in the car as soon as you hit the desert. :-)
C'mon give a guy a break.
Like my recap said we did screw like rabbits while we were there.
Hell you weren't even out of bed yet the mornings I was there & I was buzzed hit the Spa and Spent all before coffee!:-)
Rain Man 03:03 PM 10-31-2019
I ran the Death Valley Trail Half-Marathon a few years ago. Pro tip: wear sunscreen.

We started on the main road and then after a mile or so of open terrain, we went into a mountain area and proceeded partway up Red Pass and then back down. It was a pretty good climb, around 2,000 feet to the turnaround point.

It would've been nearly impossible to get lost, though. You were basically running up one big canyon the whole way on a jeep trail, and once you got into open terrain you could see the finish line area off in the distance. If you google map Red Pass and then zoom in, you can see the trail:!5m1!1e4

The dirty little secret, though, is that the race is held in December. It got into the 80s that day, but I don't think it was above 75 by the time I finished. I've run hotter races in Denver.
Attached: Death Valley Trail Half Marathon Course.jpg (270.6 KB) 
suzzer99 03:43 PM 10-31-2019
People run ultra-marathons in DV in the summer. You basically have a support car constantly hosing you down.
eDave 03:59 PM 10-31-2019
I've never heard silence, which is loud, like I did in Jushua Tree National Forest. That place floored me.
chinaski 11:41 AM 11-17-2019
Originally Posted by The Iron Chief:

Chinaski are you normally in a Helicopter painted half White and Black?
Negative. If you were in LA City when you saw that, it was most likely LAPD. They have a mix of Silver and Black and White Helicopters.

I'm in a fixed wing these days, Radio is cheap. Haven't been in a Chopper since 2008.

Sounds like a fun time!
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