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DaFace 08:09 PM 04-23-2019
Since Endgame is probably one of the most anticipated films we've had here in a while, let's quarantine all discussion from those who have seen the film (or who have otherwise read spoilers). If you don't want to see stuff get spoiled, stay out!

(And this will likely be the last time I view this thread until Friday, so if you need me to put something in the OP or similar, shoot me a PM. I won't read posts in here.)
Bowser 08:42 PM 04-23-2019

(until Saturday evening, anyway
:-) )
Halfcan 08:50 PM 04-23-2019
Just watched a bootleg copy- I can't believe the Ron Perlman looking guy with the glove beats the Avengers ass again.

Just kidding...the Avengers seem focused this time and they have the hot ass Captain Marvel now. I like their chances.
Nickhead 04:26 AM 04-24-2019
i just watched it tonight... was release today....

it was tough watching tony die in peppers arms....

at least there will be a junior iman. :-)
Nickhead 04:28 AM 04-24-2019
oh and daface "luvs the cock" :-)
JD10367 05:02 AM 04-25-2019
No real spoilers here, but I figured I'd put it here because I'm sure a lot of people don't want to know a single damn fact about the film. This is a FB post by a friend of mine (who also happens to be the theater manager who ran the film for us last night) who really should be doing professional film reviews, followed by my comment on his post. One thing I'll add here: there are no post-credit scenes, but there IS a post-credit sound that I've asked him about.



So hard to review this without spoilers, but here goes.

It was pretty good, but not amazing. Certainly, a long way from bad, just not quite as good as "Infinity War".

There are amazing, classic, moments and scenes that will have audiences cheering, but it also spreads itself very thin and there are very long and very slow stretches throughout.

You would also think that with that hefty 3 hour runtime, all your favorite characters would get their due. Most of the original Avengers team at least get a brief side plot, but this is definitely the Tony Stark show, with Cap coming in a close second. Characters like Black Panther and Spider-Man get barely a cameo (or dialogue for that matter), and poor Captain Marvel ends up as nothing more than a deus ex machina.

The plot device (which I will not reveal except to say it is a heavily overused sci-fi trope) by which our heroes regain hope and embark on their journey to resolve their conundrum is also a bit too convenient, and arrived at far too easily. By the very nature of said device, myriad plot holes are created and many unanswerable questions are raised. In addition, it has given Marvel a way out of anything that they've done in this film. You'll see.

Despite my criticisms, I actually really enjoyed the experience. The scale of the climactic battle is epic and intense. There are some truly touching human moments. There are laugh out loud bursts of humor. Honestly, any time spent with these characters, as portrayed by these actors, is a good time.

As expected, this would seem to be the final film for certain members of the cast, and their characters are given fitting, respectful, and satisfying send-offs.

It will be very interesting to see where they go from here, and you can bet I'll be along for the ride!

Lastly, a public service announcement: There is NOT a post credits scene, so save yourself some time and get out so the ushers can clean up!!!

I agree with this review but I’d add that I’m not sure how the film—and end of this story arc—could’ve finished much differently, as they’d painted themselves into a corner with the direction of previous films. Certainly, when taken in totality with the other films, I think “Endgame” was a necessary evil. They’d already done “Beat the Bad Guy” over and over so, short of making “Infinity War” less of a film by beating Thanos in that one, they basically robbed Peter to pay Paul. “IW” was their “Empire Strikes Back”, thus I forgive some Ewoks and a second Death Star. Since I’m not as familiar with the comics, I’d be interested in your thoughts as to what the Russo’s could’ve done differently here to raise your rating without lowering “IW”.
Jamie 12:15 PM 04-25-2019
I watched the camrip because I'm stupid. I liked it, but it's a weird movie. It's constantly paying off bits and threads from the previous movies, so much that it seems like it should feel masturbatory, but it doesn't somehow.

Also I'm not clear on the time travel logic. It seemed like it was alternate universes, but if that's the case then how did Cap show up in the end? Speaking of which, I guess that Bucky & Falcon show is now a Captain America show. Also 2, the 5 year jump is sort of weird going forward. Like when Peter hugged Ned at the end, it seemed like a "you're back" thing, but Ned must have gotten snapped too, otherwise he'd be in his 20s and not in high school.
Hammock Parties 08:36 PM 04-25-2019
Fat Thor!!!!!!

What a conclusion. So perfect.
Valiant 08:41 PM 04-25-2019
It was a great end. Could have easily been 2 hours or two and half.

I can cosplay Thor again.

Figured those two would be the ones. Natasha going threw me. But with her having a series, I guess she is coming back like gamorra.

Lots of crying. Shocked no end credits. Just googled the audio clip. Could have had the snap accidentally bring in the xmen and other parallel universes. Guess that is on strange.
Hammock Parties 09:12 PM 04-25-2019
Tony meeting his dad was fucking amazing.

I've always wanted that scene because I love both actors.

Also the CGI on the faces, making people look younger, is really getting good.

For a second I thought they were going to go overboard with making Captain Marvel a Deus Ex Machina, but then they reversed course and did it right.

Well executed film with amazing action, great character moments, funny ass humor (THAT'S AMERICA'S ASS) and tear jerker moments that didn't feel cheesy or forced.
Hammock Parties 09:14 PM 04-25-2019
Also if you stayed until the FINAL end of the credits, you hear what I assume was Tony Stark hammering away on the original Iron Man suit.
arrowheadnation 09:18 PM 04-25-2019
I had tears of joy. I had tears of sadness. A fitting end to an epic 10 year saga. And everything is set up for the future. There is a new Cap. There is a new Iron Man. Did you see him at the funeral? It was the kid from Iron Man 3, a little more grown up. (at least I'm pretty sure it was)
keg in kc 09:37 PM 04-25-2019
It was but I don't think he'll be a new Iron Man. I think it's just a nice easter egg for closure of Tony's story.

But who knows.
Jewish Rabbi 09:58 PM 04-25-2019
Originally Posted by arrowheadnation:
I had tears of joy. I had tears of sadness. A fitting end to an epic 10 year saga. And everything is set up for the future. There is a new Cap. There is a new Iron Man. Did you see him at the funeral? It was the kid from Iron Man 3, a little more grown up. (at least I'm pretty sure it was)
I couldn’t figure out who that was, thanks.
keg in kc 10:02 PM 04-25-2019
Gonna be interesting to see what the next iteration of the Avengers will be, how they get there and who the villains are. I think everyone with a signature in the credits is done with the series.

Tony, Widow and Steve obviously...

Hawkeye retired, Thor finding himself

Maybe Professor Hulk stays around, or takes up a mentor role

No Vision, so not sure how the Vision/Scarlet witch tv show will work

Guess the falcon/winter soldier series is now Captain America/winter soldier

Black Widow will be in the past

Hawkeye could be past or training the daughter in the future
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