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The Dumbass Lounge>Let's talk about the Chargers
cmh6476 09:55 AM 09-11-2020
too soon? I don't think they beat the Bengals so they're going to be staring 0-2 in the face after next week. Never realized how much I was ready for football to start back up.

First they were saying Mike Williams might miss most of September, now he just has a questionable designation heading into Sunday?

Are they really going to go with the three-headed RB approach, or will Austin Ekeler handle the majority of work out of the backfield?

Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram should be a challenge, but our OL seemed to hold their own very well against the Texans pass rush.

The loss of Derwin James hurts. He's so versatile and the fact they don't have him around to move from S to LB to corner and kinda makes it feel like they've lost a starter at multiple positions, not just safety.

Will the Chargers have already moved on from Tyrod Taylor by week 2? Or are we going to have to wait until our first game in 2021 to get our first-hand look at Justin Hebert?
OrtonsPiercedTaint 11:11 AM 09-11-2020
The Super Bowl Champs lose to a bottom 10-15 team. I think it is in the rule book
JD10367 12:10 PM 09-11-2020
Remember “bring out the gimp” in “Pulp Fiction”? Yeah, it’ll be something like that.
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[Reply] 12:11 PM 09-11-2020
It'll probably end up similar to the Texans game. Close at first, then the Chiefs pull away. THe Chargers have alot more talent on defense so they may hang in longer.

At some point this year, the Chiefs offense is just gonna come out in high gear from the get go and they're gonna just annihilate someone. Something like 38-3 at the half or something.
ChiefBlueCFC 12:12 PM 09-11-2020
Fuck them bitches... no derwin james, CEH in the backfield, the one team that keeps it close - but that's it - is gonna get ran outta the building
Hammock Parties 12:13 PM 09-11-2020

comochiefsfan 12:14 PM 09-11-2020
Another vanilla play calling game from Andy.

We'll win like 31-17 and it won't be as close as the final score indicates.

I don't think he wants to put anything on tape for Baltimore.
tredadda 12:49 PM 09-11-2020
Originally Posted by staylor26:
Tyrod Taylor :-)
Exactly. That guy makes Alex Smith look like a gunslinger.
Detoxing 12:52 PM 09-11-2020
Mike Pouncey is out for their game against Cinci.
RunKC 12:52 PM 09-11-2020
Originally Posted by Hammock Parties:
Need a photoshop on that with Pat’s head :-)
2bikemike 01:03 PM 09-11-2020
Beautiful new stadium and no fans, and I don't mean in the stadium! :-)

Always look forward to beating the Chargers. Having lived in San Diego it is the one team I truly despise. I never feel sorry for them when they lose.

I look forward to the Chiefs blowing them out!
KChiefs1 01:08 PM 09-11-2020
Patrick Mahomes vs Tyrod Taylor.

Enough said.
Direckshun 01:11 PM 09-11-2020
It's going to be a legit beatdown. The 2020 Chiefs have too much leadership to take anyone lightly.

The Chiefs are actually built to stop a RB like Ekeler. And Tyrod Taylor poses no threat to keeping up with Mahomes.

Meanwhile, the Chargers have outstanding edge rushers but Fisher and Schwartz will handle that. They have a great secondary but they lost Derwin James, who they absolutely need if they want to stop Mahomes. With no Derwin, you can expect Kelce to devour the middle of the field and Mahomes will kill them everywhere else if the Chargers overcommit to stopping him.

There's really only one piece of suspense in this game: how will Sneed/Fenton/Hamilton/Keyes manage against the Chargers WRs?

No matter what the answer is to that question, the Chiefs will win this game. But the answer will tell us about what the rest of the season might look like at the CB position.
Red Dawg 01:11 PM 09-11-2020
Should be another win. They are hurting.
Hammock Parties 01:12 PM 09-11-2020
Originally Posted by RunKC:
Need a photoshop on that with Pat’s head :-)

Deberg_1990 01:18 PM 09-11-2020
Chargers keep it close, but come up short.

Chiefs 37

Chargers 10
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