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The Dumbass Lounge>B1G Could be playing football starting in October
Titty Meat 09:50 PM 09-01-2020
Dan Patrick Show
“From source: If conference can pass updated safety measures and procedures, Big Ten targeting Oct. 10 to start football season.” - Dan Patrick

This came after the president met with B1G commish Kevin Warren. Warren's son plays for Mississippi St and they will be playing in September.


TV partners have already green-lighted any decision that B1G presidents and Kevin Warren decide on, but bigger networks Fox Sports and ESPN/ABC are also pushing for October start, per source.

Big Ten will only get partial TV revenue if they delay until Thanksgiving or later.
KCChiefsFan88 08:22 AM 09-09-2020
Originally Posted by Bugeater:
Playing outside in Dec-Jan? This from a league that never even played night games in Nov due to weather concerns....
Apparently a discussed scenario is to play in indoor/domed stadiums that are in the Big 10 geographic footprint such as Indy, Minneapolis, Detroit, etc.

I guess taking part in indoor activities is no longer unsafe relative to playing outdoors.
RustShack 08:28 AM 09-09-2020
Originally Posted by Titty Meat:
Looks like the B1G doesnt have enough votes to start Oct 10th. Most likely will be the end of November.

The reasoning? I dont know.
I said this post 7.
htismaqe 08:29 AM 09-09-2020
The teams that want to play need to out the ones that don't.

Let the public weigh in instead of doing this shit behind closed doors.
Titty Meat 04:48 PM 09-15-2020
Nebraskas president was caught on a hot mic this morning saying there will be an announcement tonight that the Huskers and B1G will be playing football soon.

A reporter in Milwaukee has confirmed it start date will be Oct 17th which still makes all teams eligible for the playoffs
ptlyon 07:41 PM 09-15-2020
Well, it's tonight
Titty Meat 09:10 PM 09-15-2020
B1G doing what B1G does
CasselGotPeedOn 09:28 PM 09-15-2020
What a pathetic conference
Coach 09:40 PM 09-15-2020
A day late and a dollar short.
Eleazar 10:01 PM 09-15-2020
displacedinMN 05:24 AM 09-16-2020
BIG football may be back in OCT.....

Story breaking now. ABC news.
Titty Meat 11:03 AM 09-16-2020
There it is
Bugeater 11:39 AM 09-16-2020
I can't wait to not watch!
KCChiefsFan88 12:35 PM 09-16-2020
The Big 10 and Pac 12 officially were wrong in panicking and cancelling their seasons back in August.

This confirms it.
vailpass 01:18 PM 09-16-2020
Yeah boy. Bring it. College and high school is the only football I need this season.


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Titty Meat 02:39 PM 09-16-2020
Truzz Trump
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