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View Poll Results: Who do you pick as Biden's VP?
Elizabeth Warren 2 7.69%
Kamala Harris 2 7.69%
Susan Rice 5 19.23%
Stacy Abrams 2 7.69%
Tammy Duckworth 5 19.23%
Other: Write In 10 38.46%
Voters: 26. You may not vote on this poll
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Washington DC and The Holy Land>Joe Biden wins the election (blasphemy, I know)...
Mephistopheles Janx 11:06 PM 07-31-2020
but you get to pick his Vice President. In order to keep this as realistic as possible... you have to pick from someone on his top 5 candidates (which I've chosen for him).

Elizabeth Warren - Senator and former law professor who claimed Native American heritage to gain an advantage over others (among other things).

Kamala Harris - Best known for putting a shit ton of black people in jail.

Susan Rice - Ambassador and former member of Obama's security council. Her only real scandal involves an email that may be potential evidence regarding the FBI spying on the new administration.

Stacey Abrams - Longtime member of the Georgia General Assembly, is a voting rights proponent, opposes school vouchers and wants to increase spending on public education. Actually a staunch supporter of Israel.

Tammy Duckworth - Lt. Colonel (Army) who was hit by an RPG that left her a double amputee with the loss of both legs. She went back into the Army on waivers and served in the Illinois National Guard until retirement. She spend time as the director of the Illinois VA and eventually won a seat in the Senate in 2016.

Despite her prior service, she has strong feelings about gun control. She supports the ACA, along with abortion and a substantial reduction in the defense budget.

*** The above blurbs are not all encompassing of their views or voting records ***

/EDIT - you can do a write in but they aren't likely to win.


Who do you pick as Biden's VP?
Mephistopheles Janx 02:49 PM 08-03-2020
Originally Posted by BigBeauford:
I'm glad this is being given a large amount of consideration. This will be the 2024 nominee unless the Democrats eat themselves and run another primary. Everyone knows Biden won't make it to 8. If they put in someone like Karen Bass, there is no sympathy when they get their assess kicked by a the GoP.
Yup. If the Dems ever want to win the WH again... they are going to have to start running people that appeal to the masses and not just the assclowns sitting in the head offices of the DNC.
tatorhog 02:57 PM 08-03-2020
Rita Wilson
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