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The Lounge>Is the Saints 2 QB offense the future?
RunKC 05:36 PM 04-27-2020
Very interesting pod today from our guy Terez Paylor. He mentioned specifically that everything he heard has banked on the 2 QB system being used and will be the next big thing. Terez even went as far as to say that football today could be viewed like the 80ís in 10 years with this type of new innovation that will create tons of new packages for offenses.

He actually makes it sound like every team will be getting one in the near future like the Eagles just did with Jalen Hurts.

The premise here is having that extra QB to be your Taysom Hill and put tons of stress on defenses by having him be a runner and efficient passer.

Sounds pretty interesting, but I would like the ball to be in Mr. Mahomes caring hands. I do admit I would love for Andy to put a few package plays in our playbook with John Lovett running this type of stuff.

Not a consistent thing obviously. But Iíd love to see Andy trying it out
Megatron96 11:24 AM 11-21-2020
Originally Posted by Deberg_1990:
Teams have tried it on and off over the years.

I remember one year in the early 90s the Broncos tried it after Elway went down. It was Tommy Maddox and some other QB I donít remember? They would shuffle in and out after each series. Bad idea.
Yeah, I've never seen it work well, except these two kids, and while they both would take snaps at QB, the running one really took most of his snaps at RB. This was back in the early '80s in OK, and pretty much all OK HS teams ran the ball about 80% of the time. But that team would run several trick plays because they had those twins, and both could run and pass, and you were never quite sure which was which.

And I have seen it occasionally at the college level, like in D-II?

But I can't see it being very successful at the pro level.
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