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Washington DC and The Holy Land>Adam Schiff announces sweeping investigation into Trump's finances and Russia
Taco John 08:44 PM 02-08-2019

(CNN)House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff announced Wednesday a broad investigation his committee would undertake "beyond Russia" into whether President Donald Trump's financial interests are driving his actions.

Schiff said the investigation would "allow us to investigate any credible allegation that financial interests or other interests are driving decision-making of the President or anyone in the administration."

"That pertains to any credible allegations of leverage by the Russians or the Saudis or anyone else," Schiff told reporters after the House Intelligence Committee's first meeting in the new Congress.

In a statement, Schiff said the investigation would include a continued probe into Russia's actions during the 2016 election and contacts between the Russia and Trump's team, as well as an examination of "whether any foreign actor has sought to compromise or holds leverage, financial or otherwise, over Donald Trump, his family, his business, or his associates."

Schiff said the investigation, which could involve additional congressional committees, would also look at whether Trump or his associates have "sought to influence US government policy in service of foreign interests" and any potential obstruction into the various investigations.

Schiff's announcement is the most detailed look yet into how congressional Democrats will investigate Trump's finances and possible ties to foreign entities, and how Democrats are sure to continue probing Trump and his team well after special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation had concluded.
Trump reacted Wednesday to Schiff's announcement by slamming the California Democrat and saying Schiff has "no basis to do that."

"He's just a political hack trying to build a name for himself," Trump said in the Roosevelt Room Wednesday after announcing his new nominee to be World Bank president. "It's called presidential harassment and it is unfortunate."

Trump's comments followed his State of the Union speech Tuesday in which he warned Democrats against undertaking "ridiculous partisan investigations."

Schiff responded to Trump's attack on Twitter, saying: "We're going to do our job and won't be distracted or intimidated by threats or attacks.
Taco John 08:48 PM 02-08-2019
Awesome. This kind of overreach will ultimately backfire.

Shiff isn't all that smart. He's doing this so that the Democrats can try to extend the Russia investigation past Mueller's conclusion. This move basically telegraphs one thing: Mueller isn't going to deliver grounds for impeachment.

Smoke if you got em.
Chief Northman 08:48 PM 02-08-2019
They just can’t help themselves. They cannot accept that Trump is President. More useless investigations that pad the pockets of career, establishment politicians while the people whom they are to represent pay out the nose to fund this contrived drama.
stevieray 08:49 PM 02-08-2019
Quite the fitting pic.

The bullet we dodged looms larger everyday.
Chief Northman 08:50 PM 02-08-2019
And who the hell is Peter Schiff?
Munson 08:50 PM 02-08-2019
Presidential harassment, plain and simple.
stevieray 08:51 PM 02-08-2019
Originally Posted by Chief Northman:
And who the hell is Peter Schiff?
Lex's new superstah!
CoMoChief 08:55 PM 02-08-2019
He looks like a pedophile.
Easy 6 09:09 PM 02-08-2019
Sound and fury signifying nothing

That's a polite way of saying Nothingburger, for you breathless goons out there
Bowser 09:11 PM 02-08-2019
Where was this superhero for what's best regarding the American people when Obama shipped all the billions to Iran?

- INB4 "whataboutism"
- INB4 "That was never our money"
vailpass 09:18 PM 02-08-2019
Very punchable face.
Munson 09:31 PM 02-08-2019

Now we find out that Adam Schiff was spending time together in Aspen with Glenn Simpson of GPS Fusion, who wrote the fake and discredited Dossier, even though Simpson was testifying before Schiff. John Solomon of @thehill

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 8, 2019

patteeu 09:33 PM 02-08-2019
Remember people, this is not a witch hunt.
Randallflagg 09:33 PM 02-08-2019
Cripes I'm sick to death of these fascists.......I mean seriously.....
cosmo20002 09:33 PM 02-08-2019
Originally Posted by Taco John:

Two years overdue. We know for a fact Trump has lied about his dealings in Russia and with whom.
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