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Washington DC and The Holy Land>Fox News Poll: 54% of Republicans, 70% of all voters support raising taxes on $10m+
EmojiMania 05:14 PM 02-01-2019

Overall voters:

Republicans in particular:

Originally Posted by :
Republicans are less sure where the sweet spot is for tax hikes. A majority of 59 percent opposes tax hikes on incomes over $250,000, while a 54 percent majority favors increases on incomes over $10 million. For incomes over $1 million, GOP views split: 47 favor vs. 43 oppose.
Sounds like AOC's ideas are more popular in your party than any of you care to admit!
Over Yonder 02:39 AM 02-14-2019
Originally Posted by RodeoPants2:
Who cares about any of that stupid shit
Who are you talking to, me? If so, I'm figuring Cosmo20002 since he quoted and spoke on the subject. If you are not talking to me, kindly disregard this post :-)
Marcellus 09:13 AM 02-14-2019
Simple economics for libtards -

Wife and I made $12K more than we did last year, our tax burden was $1,200 less than last year.

Based off our tax rate on the additional $12K, throw in this years actual tax rate was a lower burden we saved about $4400 in taxes compared to last years tax rates. Almost exactly what was predicted.
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