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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>Team selections for 2020 mock draft
RealSNR 08:01 PM 03-01-2020
Pick two teams. One in the top 16, one in the bottom 16. Be aware that some teams lack 1st round picks and/or don't have that many selections. As long as I can have the Packers, I'll gladly take the remaining team in the top 16 that nobody wants.

I planned out a day/time for this in the sign-ups thread, but never put it in the OP. Sorry. We kind of gotta get this thing moving. Also, it was a bitch finding people to participate this year for some reason, so I'd rather not make this part of the process any more complicated. Rain Man will pick for the Chiefs.

Go ahead and start picking. First come first served. You can trade teams later if you get stuck with crap.

Top half
1. Cincinnati Bengals- chiefscafan
2. Washington Redskins- Chief Northman
3. Detroit Lions- Sfeihc
4. New York Giants- Chargem
5. Miami Dolphins- Hoover
6. Los Angeles Chargers- Direckshun
7. Carolina Panthers- staylor26
8. Arizona Cardinals- pugsnotdrugs19
9. Jacksonville Jaguars- staylor26
10. Cleveland Browns- RealSNR
11. New York Jets- TambaBerry
12. Las Vegas Raiders- RunKC
13. Indianapolis Colts- KurtCobain
14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Rain Man
15. Denver Broncos- Marco Polo
16. Atlanta Falcons- BossChief

Bottom half
17. Dallas Cowboys- chiefscafan
18. Pittsburgh Steelers- BossChief
19. Chicago Bears- The Franchise
20. Los Angeles Rams- TambaBerry
21. Philadelphia Eagles- Hoover
22. Buffalo Bills- The Franchise
23. New England Patriots- Marco Polo
24. New Orleans Saints- pugsnotdrugs19
25. Minnesota Vikings- RunKC
26. Houston Texans- Chargem
27. Seattle Seahawks- KurtCobain
28. Baltimore Ravens- Chief Northman
29. Tennessee Titans- Sfeihc
30. Green Bay Packers- RealSNR
31. San Francisco 49ers- Direckshun
32. Kansas City Chiefs - Rain Man
Hoover 08:01 PM 03-01-2020
Dolphins please
Hoover 08:04 PM 03-01-2020
I'll also grab the Philadelphia Eagles
staylor26 08:08 PM 03-01-2020
I’ll take the Jags and the Bills
Sfeihc 08:10 PM 03-01-2020
Lions and Titans please
staylor26 08:11 PM 03-01-2020
Originally Posted by Sfeihc:
Lions and Bills please
Just beat ya to the Bills :-)
KurtCobain 08:11 PM 03-01-2020
I think it will be interesting to do two teams that I hate, so can I please have the raiders and the Patriots, because I cannot bring myself to do the broncos.
The Franchise 08:12 PM 03-01-2020
chiefscafan 08:28 PM 03-01-2020
KurtCobain 08:41 PM 03-01-2020
Hold up, that was a bad idea doing teams I hate. Can I switch out and do colts and Seahawks instead, pretty please?
Rain Man 08:49 PM 03-01-2020
Originally Posted by KurtCobain:
Hold up, that was a bad idea doing teams I hate. Can I switch out and do colts and Seahawks instead, pretty please?
You don't hate the Colts? What's wrong with you?
Rain Man 08:51 PM 03-01-2020
I'm a bit terrified about having the Chiefs, because that's a really important set of picks. But I'll man up. Give me the Chiefs and the Falcons so I can draft in the middle and at the end of each round. But if someone else really wants the Falcons, you can assign me to anybody.
Rain Man 08:52 PM 03-01-2020
Whoever takes the Broncos has to be drunk when they make the pick, to keep it realistic.
BossChief 08:58 PM 03-01-2020
Falcons Steelers
Chief Northman 09:08 PM 03-01-2020
I’ll take the Redskins and Ravens
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